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Browse through the maddmannmuzik beat store to find high quality instrumentals for your next track. The beat store contains an assortment of beats for sale.

1. Click BUY next to the chosen beat    2. Pick the license that best fits you    3. Click CHECKOUTfor instant delivery. The download will be sent to your email

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High Quality Mp3 File

320 Kbps 24 bit 44.1 KHz Studio Qaulity

  • Distribution

    2,500 physical/digital copy allowance

  • Commercial Usage

    1 commercial use only (mixtape, radio, itunes, etc)

  • Performances


  • Streaming

    125,000 streams allowed (excluding youtube)


High Quality Wav File

Mp3 + Wav (41-48 KHz) Studio Quality

  • Distribution

    10,000 physical/digital copy allowance

  • Commercial Usage

    1 commercial use only (mixtape, radio, itunes, etc)

  • Performances


  • Streaming

    250,000 streams allowed (excluding youtube)


Individual Stems (Popular!)

Seperate stems/tracks of the beat

  • Distribution

    20,000 physical/digital copy allowance

  • Commercial Usage

    3 commercial uses only(mixtape, radio, itunes, etc)

  • Performances


  • Streaming

    500,000 streams allowed (excluding youtube)

***NOTE*** If you are interested in buying exclusive rights from a instrumental in the beat store CLICK HERE or use the make offer function in the beat store.

Any Exclusive license agreement is to be negotiated.


Theres nothing more important than having a distinct sound. On this site, everything you hear will sound different. I dont limit myself to one genre, you will have multiple vibes to choose from.


All beats are mixed for studio quality recording. You dont have to worry about distortion, bland or boring sounding beats. All instrumentals you feel the kick or the crack of the snare. The thump of the 808.


Everything you hear in the beat store is created using the newest arrangements, production techniques, instrumentation, and vibe. Stay creative and original, while standing out from the crowd.


Illa Ghee "Cant Let Go" | Beat by "MaddMannMuzik"

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Lots of cool content

You can expect lots of cool content from this channel. I will be uploading exclusive beat videos, along with instrumentals I will be showing how some beats were made along with other music related content.

Consistent Uploads

I will be uploading to the channel weekly. Guaranteed you can expect at least 3 beats a week along with other content. Have an idea about a video you would like to see? No problem! Just shoot me a message and I will try.

First off, i'd like to thank you for visiting the site. Here on you will find nothing but original Hip Hop instrumentals. All instrumentals are high quality mp3 or wav and set up for instant delivery. You will find multiple sounds including but not limited to: Trap beatsHip Hop beatsR&B beatsBeats with HooksSampled Beats, and of course Custom Beats available upon request. You get to choose which license agreement fits you and your budget.  You also have the option to purchase exclusive beats. You're in the right place to browse through beats for sale. Kick back, go through the beat store and vibe.

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  • Mainly, a great majority of what i do is centered around beat making/production. Over the years, ive picked up many skills and techniques.
  • I remember when i first started making beats, it took me so long to get my sound the way I wanted. I thought to myself if only I could afford to do other things with my tracks.
  • Waste no more time trying to achieve a professional sound. Ill get your tracks to sound whatever way you desire. I can work with any budget.
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