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Licensing Options



  • 2500 copies
  • Nonprofit Performances
  • Must Credit Producer
  • Mp3
  • Radioplay
Immediate Download!



  • 5000 copies
  • Nonprofit Performances
  • Must Credit Producer
  • Mp3/Wav
  • Radioplay
Immediate Download!



  • 25000 copies
  • Paid Performances *5
  • Must Credit Producer
  • Mp3/Wav/Stems
  • Radioplay
Immediate Download!



  • Unlimited copies
  • Unlim. Paid Performances
  • Must Credit Producer
  • Mp3/Wav/Stems
  • Radioplay
Immediate Download!

Frequently Asked Questions

Instrumentals made just for you in no time. Of course. Just send me a message or text. We develop a round figure of what you plan on spending and after the estimate you submit your deposit. This is to protect both of us. To make sure my time does not get wasted and also to show your commitment to purchasing the beat.

Once you buy beats online, there are no refunds. This is a “digital product”. If it were something tangible (physical) that would be different. You get to listen to the beat as many times as you like before purchasing it. So, by being able to listen to the instrumental before purchasing, you know what you’re getting already. In “certain cirmcumstances” a refund may be possible, but once refunded that voids the license of the instrumental previously downloaded.

free beats dont necessarily benefit anyone, but, In certain cases yes I do. You can send me a request for the beat you plan to use along with the purpose of the request. If approved you will receive the beat/instrumental via email along with the terms and conditions.

To sum it up, you get what you pay for. Standard of course would be for a personal use. Premium is if you plan to spread your sound a little and get heard. Professional is if you plan to market and promote yourself, and then of course there is exclusive for the “serious artist”
who plans to do numbers of course. The prices for these instrumentals were made to be fair to any budget. You can also always upgrade the license of the instrumental.

Naturally, in my opinion, its a producer’s duty to see that a song made from a beat he produced gets heard. I can give you advice along with a few marketing tips. I can point you in the direction youre trying to go the best i can, then the rest is up to you.

Yes I do. Instrumentals mainly, but i do offer beat/song mixing services. Also, for the up coming producer or artist I offer minor consultation services.
Primarily though the majority of what I offer is centered around instrumentals.

Our Features

Keeping the artist in mind, I continue to innovate my production/beat making to ensure you hear a industry, current, and high quality sound.


High End Production Software

I produce/make beats/mix beats and song using some of the highest quality programs and sound mixing tools. Paired with high end sound equipment you get a pristine sound.


Highest Quality Sounds And Effects

You can only get out what you put in. Hence the reason i use some of the highest quality sounds. crisp kicks and snares that cut, and pads that take you on a flight while leaving plenty room to write.


Original And Professional Sound

Just like it says. An “original sound”. Dont worry about sounding like the next artist. Stand out in the crowd with industry quality instrumentals that sound “different with an undeniable bounce.

Making it simple to instrumentals online

Beats from will make your next song a hit. With really high quality instrumentals, years of experience and hard work, and a dedication to make your sound one that everyone will remember for years to come. Regardless of the performance/venue, our beats will make you a star to your fans.

  1. Awesome sound that makes anyone bounce
  2. Plenty of space for the artist to write to
  3. Build a strong relationship beneficial to us both
  4. Develop an original, authentic sound

The site is fully secured and encrypted. It is SSL secured and Comodo backed making the process safe to buy beats. Paypal, credit card, and stripe are all accepted as payment options. Also, you have the option to join the mailing list for discounts, free offers, and also tips/tricks/secrets to help you on your music career!

Okay, so after you have bought a beat, does it have to stop there? Nope. Im here to help you in any way I can. Advice, tips on promoting or distributing your music, or anything else within reason. Its important to build a solid, dependable network to help further establish your career. A strong network has a multitude of benefits and also it makes it alot easier to get things done while building your reputation. The quickest way to spread is by word of mouth.

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Success is seductive, and it will only submit to those who want it bad enough. Develop a drive, get madd, and get money.MaddMannMuzik

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Welcome to MaddMannMuzik. Looking for a place to buy beats online then look no more. Trap beats, rap beats, r&b beats, hip hop beats or boom bap beats, trap soul beats, west cost beats, amongst many other styles of beats/instrumentals.

Here you can buy beats online knowing the whole process is 100% secure so there is no need to worry about your info being in the wrong hands. Comodo backed and verified SSL security encryption throughout the website.

We have been in the game making beats or instrumentals for quite some time now. Specializing in custom production its easy to make any beat to fit your style. New beats for sale are constantly uploaded with all instrumentals having the potential to be exclusive beats. There is full access to all instrumentals on the site, no membership needed.. Theres no guesswork here when you decide to  buy instrumentals because the process to buy instrumentals has been simplified.

Shopping for beats over the internet can be quite a task, but with a fully secured site, quality instrumentals, and an original/authentic sound, we make it a fun experience to buy instrumentals online. Keep it simple… Browse the beat store and find a high quality instrumental. Record your next hit. Put it out for the world to hear and get paid.