This is for basic use. you can distribute up to 5000 units (cd/mp3/streams), 5000 free downloads or streams for non-profit, monetized streams (Spotify, RDIO, Rhapsody, itunes) but not eligible for monetization on YouTube, non-profit performances, 5000 non-monetized youtube video streams, 1 broadcast performance, and must credit producer. upon reaching the threshold, another lease must be purchased. The beat will remain on the market until bought exclusively.
This is for professional use. Terms can be negotiated, but for an idea, you can distribute unlimited units (cd/mp3/streams), unlimited monetized streams (Spotify, RDIO, Rhapsody, itunes) eligible for monetization on YouTube (negotiated), unlimited profit performances, unlimited non-monetized youtube/vimeo video streams, unlimited broadcast performance, and must credit producer. The beat will no longer be advertised for sale.
*NOTE. If you require trackouts you can upgrade to a custom lease, but the only purchase that contains track outs naturally are exclusive purchases.

You Came To The Right Place To Buy Beats!

Make a hit with fresh, new beats for sale with an original sound. Stand out from the crowd and maintain industry/radio quality!

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An organic original sound

One of the main reason an artist’s career slows down is because he sounds like EVERYTHING ELSE ONE THE RADIO. Be different. Here, you will find plenty of beats for sale that have an original sound that will diversify your music.

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Affordable beats for sale

Times are constantly changing. Buying beats and making music has become more efficient financially and time wise. Designate a budget and get to work quicker with affordable beats/instrumentals, freeing up time for creativity.

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A professional, High quality sound.

A professional, High quality sound. The quality of your music can take you a long way. When you have quality instrumentals it makes it easier to make a high quality song with a great sounding mix. It makes a better listening experience for the fan and also looks alot more professional on your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do with exclusive leases and negotiated leases. Under certain circumstances only. This is to maintain the security of my creations. Trackouts for anything other than an exclusive lease is for mixing purposes only!

On Exclusives. ANY artist should be able to afford 24.99 for a beat no problem, The price for standard and premium purchases are set accordingly. I do however offer deals throughout the month. A majority of the time there is a buy one get on free sale going at the end of the month.

Most definitely! Just click the “request custom” button on the beat player. Set your budget, give some reference songs, and describe what you are looking for. Upon agreement, a deposit is required to show good faith. Custom beat request are for Exclusive Rights Only

I offer mixing and web design services. At times I do offer Mastering services. Im skilled in all areas pertaining to music so there is a possibility there are more things id be able to assist you with.

Yes, up to a certain amount. Just contact me, let me know what type of project you’re working on and we will negotiate a price. Upon agreement you will be sent a discount code to purchase your beats from the beat store, or I immediately begin working on your custom beats. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME

Sure, no problem. It is essential to have your sound just right, and my mix is just that, my mix. Doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. If you’d like something changed about the mix just contact me! Your satisfaction is my goal! CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME


If you have any questions/inquiries dont hesitate to reach out to me. Im very open to working with any individual or answering any questions you may have. Part of success is building strong relationships. I can be reached via email, and text message. Very soon instant messaging will be available.