Licensing Options



Per Beat License
  • sell up to 5000 units
  • All tags removed
  • Commercial use
  • Paid Performances (Free only)
  • Must Credit Producer “MaddMannMuzik”
  • Track-outs/Stems



Click Make Offer Button In Beat Store
  • Unlimited units
  • All tags removed
  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited Paid Performances
  • Must Credit Producer “MaddMannMuzik”
  • Track-outs/Stems
Exclusive rights

*In some cases, depending on the situation, a custom license IS available. Contact me directly to inquire.

Instrumentals | Beats for those serious about their craft

Beats have always been the heart beat to a song. In order to give your song life and energy, it is ESSENTIAL to pick the right instrumental. Here at MADDMANNMUZIK we offer you nothing but a quality, professional, clean sound. We make the process easy to buy beats. Pick your Instrumental, pay by whichever method you choose at checkout, receive the link in your email for instant beat downloads, and get to writing. Its that simple!

*Custom beats are also available. All custom beats require and agreement for exclusive rights along with a non-refundable deposit to secure the agreement.
**Genres include: Rap beats, hip hop beats, r&b beats, trap beats, pop beats, boom bap beats, sampled beats, drill beats, and many more.
***Deposit must be paid immediately after the agreement is negotiated.


New Age Sounds

Stay in the loop with instrumentals/beats inspired by the newest, most popular beats on the radio these days. If you’re looking for a current sound without all the hassle of finding a “dependable sound”, bookmark this page.


Crisp, Clear, Professional Sound

Dont let something like bad sound quality effect the song you are writing to your instrumentals. Rely on a clear, professional sound from out beat store. Browse through quality instrumentals at an affordable price.


Keep Your Listeners Engaged

Using effective arrangements techniques and chord progressions is what keeps your listeners pressing the repeat button. Get inspired by instrumentals that tell stories themselves. Give your words that extra kick.

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