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First off i’d like to say thanks for visiting my site. Primarily, my site of course is for my beats. Also, i’d like to make it a platform for the beginning artist and producer. Whether it be what to do after you buy your first beats as an artist, or whether what to do after you make your first few beats as a producer, id like to have the answer here for you.

Ive been making beats/producing for around 8 years now. I recently started taking my career serious. It is a rough road to travel, but hard work always equals progress. These days, you have thousands of people making beats and even more that want to be a music artist. The one thing I pride myself in is that I sound like myself. Originality is of the upmost importance in this game. There is no easy way to break into the music game and I think the more knowledge of music the more the possibility becomes a reality.

Knowledge is key. There wont be alot of people to actually GIVE you knowledge, as this music is becoming over-saturated. There is SO MUCH MUSIC TO LISTEN TO! But if you can introduce a new lane, then you can be successful. Everyone learns as they go, and if there is something new that I may happen to fall upon, then I deliver it to you guys. The more you start to look at your talent like a business, the quicker your career can mature. Hopefully, I can give you tips and tricks to help you further yourself.

It all starts with buying or leasing a beat, recording a song that you put your all into, get the song in the faces of the people, and profit. It is just that simple, and just that complex. During the process, regardless of us doing business or you reading one of my crazy articles on here, I want to build a strong network of people as should you. LETS WORK! BEAT STORE .

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